In my series entitled "Viva la vida", I invite you to explore with boldness and curiosity the fascinating phenomenon of Mexican cultural syncretism through 13 emblematic images that embody the very essence of this rich tradition. I fully embrace the use of these archetypes to create an artistic reflection on the way Mexican folklore is often perceived and represented.
Each piece in the series defies expectations and offers a reinterpretation of traditional Mexican symbols; clichés become canvases for artistic expression, where stereotypes are reinvented and reinterpreted to reveal new truths about Mexican culture. From Frida Kahlo to Chihuahua, Jaguar to Calavera, each image is imbued with the Mexican soul. They are revisited with a contemporary aesthetic and a critical eye, offering a new perspective on what truly defines Mexicanness.
Through my work, I seek to shake up fixed perceptions and open up a dialogue on the complex, multifaceted nature of Mexican culture. These images are not simply visual representations, but living testimonies to Mexico's cultural heritage. Each is carefully crafted to capture not only the aesthetic, but also the symbolic and spiritual depth that resonates across the centuries. Traditional symbols are reimagined in a modern context, inviting the viewer to reflect on the subtlety and richness of this unique cultural synthesis.

"Viva la vida" is much more than just an art series; it's a celebration of the diversity and harmony that emerge when different traditions meet and intermingle, creating a dynamic, living cultural fabric.

Welcome to a world where differences are exalted and the fusion of cultures is celebrated as a source of richness and vitality.
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